Haskel Center shops and residences located north of Doty Road on Ringwood Avenue. These structures were razed in late 2006 to make way for the
Haskell Town Centre.

The below photographs are courtesy of William Trusewicz. The Town Centre plan drawing is courtesy of the Wanaque Borough Website.

This series of photos are viewed from south to north, beginning at the recently built gazebo on the far left of the first photo, at the northwest corner of Doty Road and Ringwood Avenue.The first building was Jack's Hardware and Appliances, with the right half most recently having been the Treasure Chest antique store. The next, lower structure was Boris' Luncheonette, a long time Haskell fixture and favorite. The right photo is of several other businesses including what was a lock shop in the smaller building and a cleaners in the larger one. A number of these structures had seperate residential buildings at their rears.

Photo: William Trusewicz Collection.

An earlier photo of the building in the left photo above. Tex's Market at 1071 Ringwood Avenue. This later became a dry cleaners.

The left photo is a structure that was most recently a multi-family dwelling. As indicated, this was at one time the Haskell Post Office and a general store and early gas station. The brick structure in the right photo was the Lakeland Auto Parts store. This business has since moved across Ringwood Avenue. Notice an older residential structure at the rear.

Photos of the unfortunate demise of the above buildings, making way for a rejuvination of "downtown" Haskell. The planned Haskell Towne Centre is seen below.

Photo: Courtesy of the Wanaque Borough website.

Photo: Unofficial.Net (1/2007).

Recent photo of construction at the site.

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