Midvale Station

Photo courtesy of anonymous donor.

Photo courtesy of Fred's Erie Railroad History Page.

The Station was the final stop after the line was shortened in 1939. The photo on the right was taken in 1965, the years had already taken its toll on the proverbial Erie style structure.

Photo: Unofficial.Net Collection.

The above is an undated photo that identifies the gentleman as John Dondero. The screaming child is not identified. On the right is an enlargement of the poster found on the side of the station. It advertises "Washington Crisps", "Justice to the Consumer".

Photo: Unofficial.Net Collection.

Another view from about 1908. The Midvale station was demolished after a fire in 1968 (below).

Photo: Wanaque Diamond Jubilee booklet, 1993.

Photo: Paul Bryan Collection.

The above view from the 1930's and compared to the recent panorama view below. Notice the dual tracks and their travel north.

Photo: Unofficial.Net (1/2007).